What is an NPO? NPO is a term coined by me (I think). It stands for Networking People Organisation and is a play on the term NGO (Non Governmental Organisation). While I may have coined the term NPO, these sorts of organisations have existed for a long time and are multiplying exponentially through concepts like microgiving combined with the benefit of easy communication over long distances that the internet provides.

An NPO is different from an NGO in that it lacks the official status, administrative costs, and beauracracy that goes with being "officially recognised" for tax purposes. No one is paid and every cent goes directly to the recipients.

On a more personal level, I created this website to share my experiences with you. I am not a veteran traveler, nor have I been in the habit of helping others to build schools in Africa until very recently. However I was so inspired by every aspect of my experience in Ghana that I have decided to imbue my life with similiar experiences. I am no expert, and I have no answers to fix everyones life. I am learning as I go and I invite you to join me as I share my journey.

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